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In between there was the Art Dealer, the Boy Next Door, The Investment Banker, the Drummer Boy. She also gives us some rules of "Netiquette" we should follow if we are inclined to use the Internet for our dating pool.

"We are living in the information at your fingertips mode as the Internet has become part of our daily lives, and we can find out more than we probably want to know." She therefore advises you don't "Google" your date before the first date. She found out more about herself than she knew was out there.

You'll follow her journey as she skillfully navigates the web, hoping to replace what she once thought was the love of her life with a new Internet mate.

In her accounting she lets us share in her dates with The Architect, the Neurologist, and the Plastic Surgeon.

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Focus on the traits you do want in a partner instead of making a laundry list of turn-offs. If you’re a regular drinker, definitely mention that you love your liquid kale.While online dating can be more relaxing than bar hopping, the tricky part is getting your healthy, authentic self to resonate from the screen. Posting active photos will demonstrate your healthy lifestyle.If you’re obsessed with yoga, green juice, and meditation, you’re probably seeking a partner with a similar lifestyle. Fellow daters will see you in action and envision you hitting the gym or playing tennis together.Wasting space listing things you’re not attracted to can come across as negative. Feel free to touch on the hot yoga class that kicked your butt or your favorite health food spot. There’s nothing more attractive to the health-conscious than authenticity.

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Also, describe activities and food you enjoy as opposed to those you tend to avoid. These terms will stand out to those who share your interests. Be honest about your habits—don’t say you exercise five times a week if it’s really five times a month. Make sure your profile is a good balance between your commitment to coconut water as well as your favorite summer cocktail. Portraying balance will show that you’re not afraid to split an ice cream once in a while.

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